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Fostering Communications in a Global World

Our Values

The International Institute for Cultural Diplomacy serves to Promote the dynamics of inter-cultural understanding and observance of the tenets that govern socio-political dialogue

Our Mission

IICD helps nations and persons pursue cultural diplomacy through developing ways in which to share creativity, share ideas, and share values to increase understanding of new and different opportunities. 

Our Vision

IICD Visions to be the leading institution nationally, regionally and internationally in spreading of Cultural Diplomacy and providing studies and strategic consultations.

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The International Institute for Cultural Diplomacy helps people foster a mutual understanding of cultural differences. Ins titute For Cultural Diplomacy.

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ByEOACD May 9, 2020

يتشاطر المعهد الدولي للدبلوماسية الثقافية بدبي مع مركز نورسلطان نزارباييف لتط

ByEOACD Jun 29, 2015

What is Cultural Diplomacy?

The Institute For Cultural Diplomacy Defines Cultural Diplomacy as;    "Cultural Diplomacy may best be described as a course of action

ByEOACD Jun 29, 2015

Best platforms to learn about cultural diplomacy

 The presence of the internet has played a vital role in connecting various cultures with each other. At our fingertips we can access inform

ByEOACD Jun 27, 2015

Success Way

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