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It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the IICD. website.
Our Objective is to create and maintain strong partnerships dependent on trust, guaranteeing wellbeing, unwavering quality and productivity with client-centered attitude and finding innovative approaches to give extraordinary value to satisfy your needs.
Regardless of whether you are a potential client with a challenging project ahead; a current client investigating our most recent news; or an accomplice, supplier or a future employee searching for new opportunities, I believe you will discover what you are searching for here.
We have an unmistakable vision of what we need to be – a Pioneer think tank of cultural diplomacy in the UAE.  Through our initiatives we have assisted countless nations and organizations in their pursue to attain cultural diplomacy. It is our goal to proactively engage in continuous support to the GCC diplomatic growth.
Serving the vast majority of the significant ventures in the region, IICD has turned into a key segment in the modern scene in a brief time frame and plans to continue playing a significant role in the world vision 2030.
Our dynamic reasoning and imaginative methodology is the thing that makes us stand out from the group. I am glad for the work we do at IICD, holding fast to the most noteworthy models in directing business, with an ideal well being record, thorough administration and consistent quest for the development of execution.
Enjoy our website and feel free to contact our office for any additional information.
Dr Mohammad Kamil Almuaini


Our Team

Mahbooba Abdulrahman
IICD Manager
Thanaa Abdelazim
Media Consultant
Rajesh Achan
Board Member & Advisor
Emmaculate Mokaya


The International Institute for Cultural Diplomacy, founded in 2010, is an organization that helps educate, create awareness, and train people in the Gulf Region about foreign cultures. It is widely recognized the value of cultural diplomacy to nations. With the increase and need of foreign workers in the Gulf Region, it is important more than ever before for industries like the hospitality, health care, and energy industries and the population at large to embrace the exchange of ideas and socio-political aspects of foreign cultures. The International Institute for Cultural Diplomacy helps people foster a mutual understanding of cultural differences. Ins titute For Cultural Diplomacy

What is cultural diplomacy
The standard definition of cultural diplomacy is the “exchange of ideas, information, art, and other aspects of culture among nations and their peoples to foster mutual understanding.” Therefore, we must then question why is learning about cultural diplomacy significant? The answer is simple. Unique cultural expressions from the foods we eat to the music we listen to all embody forms of our understanding of a society. Learning about cultures around the globe helps a society increase their levels of tolerance and acceptance of the differences within one’s own city and streets.