What is Cultural Diplomacy?


What is Cultural Diplomacy?

The Institute For Cultural Diplomacy Defines Cultural Diplomacy as;
 "Cultural Diplomacy may best be described as a course of actions, which are based on and utilize the exchange of ideas, values, traditions and other aspects of culture or identity, whether to strengthen relationships, enhance socio-cultural cooperation, promote national interests and beyond; Cultural diplomacy can be practiced by either the public sector, private sector or civil society."
 History wise Cultural Diplomacy has existed as a practice for a considerable length of time. Though the term "cultural diplomacy" has as of late been set up, proof of its practice can be seen throughout history. Wayfarers, explorers, brokers, instructors, and specialists can be altogether viewed as living instances of "casual representatives" or early "cultural diplomats".
 Without a doubt, any individual who collaborates with various cultures, (right now or before), encourages a type of cultural exchange, which can occur in various field including art. workmanship, sports, writing, music, science, business, and economy.
From the beginning of time the collaboration of people groups, the exchange of language, religion, thoughts, expressions and societal structures have reliably improved relations between disparate gatherings. Never again consigned to the fringe of the worldwide relations discipline, social strategy today is a lively and creative scholastic field of research and has effectively settled itself as an independent hypothesis and practice.
 ‘In an increasingly globalized, interdependent world, in which the proliferation of mass communication technology ensures we all have greater access to each other than ever before, Cultural Diplomacy is critical to fostering peace & stability throughout the world. Cultural Diplomacy, when learned and applied at all levels, possesses the unique ability to influence the Global Public Opinion and ideology of individuals, communities, cultures, or nations, which can accelerate the realization of the principles below. By accomplishing the first principle, one enables the second, which in turn enables the third, until the fifth ultimate principle of global peace and stability is achieved.’ -  Institute For Cultural Diplomacy

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